Thursday, October 27, 2022

Beauty of Evergreen Bangladesh


The Beauty of Evergreen Bangladesh


Sachi G. Dastidar

            Indian Subcontinent, especially her eastern and southern areas are known for green landscape of the tropical climate. Then again Bengal or the eastern subcontinent region is further known for its greenery and water. Moreover, Bengal – Bangladesh and West Bengal State of India, covers the largest delta of the world of the two of the largest rivers of the world, Ganga (Ganges) and Brahmaputra. This green landscape is charming to look at and drive through the area. Although Bangladesh is the land with highest density of population of any major nation, while driving or walking through the rural areas of the nation one barely feels that density. There are other places of my visit in Bangladesh, but they were mostly in the evening, or during rain, or without picture taking possibilities.

            For millennium Bengali, Indian and indigenous Hindu culture and tradition developed where worshiping Mother Nature, and various seasons became a part of the culture, local flowers to grass to products from the greenery became a part of the tradition and celebration. Even trees and plants are offered special deity-like status, for example banyan tree, Bodhi tree, tulsi plant, or banana tree, to name a few.

            Here are pictures of the Bangladesh greenery of 2022.


Mahilara, Gour Nodi, Barisal District in the South