Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Shriya Laksmi’s Creation Took Her Family to Visit New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art


Shriya Laksmi’s Creation

Took Her Family to Visit New York City’s

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sachi G. Dastidar

In the 2020-2021 academic year little Shriya (Lakshmi) Ghosh Dastidar, a first grader in Public School 133 of School District 26 of Queens Borough of New York City, won accolade by being selected as the creator of top art work in her grade. Shriya is the daughter of Shuvo and Sumedha. The award was announced in spring. Before the school year ended in July the world famous attraction of Metropolitan Museum of Art began display of selected art work of New York City primary through high school students. The museum is located in the Museum Mile of New York City’s Manhattan borough, next to the Central Park. Her parents and grandparents weren’t able to visit Manhattan, the other part of New York City they live in until Sunday, July 31, 2021. Incidentally, Shriya’s father went to the same primary school and her grandfather was elected in 1996 to her School District 26 making grandpa the first person of her heritage to be popularly elected in New York State when they formed a tiny minority.

These days, because of Covid crisis, one has to get an entry ticket for a particular time, and wear a face mask. Although New York City is almost near normal, yet some restrictions are maintained for greater good.

So on Sunday, Shriya got up early, had breakfast, and left for the museum in the morning, with her parents and grandparents. It turned out to be a perfect day for travel with bright sunshine and moderate temperature. The city and the museum were real busy with tourists. It gave her family a chance to visit the huge museum after a long time. Truly speaking, it takes more than a day to go through the entire museum covering human history of thousands of years. After the visit, her aunt Pishi and uncle Pishey, Joyeeta and Edward, took her for a treat to celebrate her achievement.

The visit started with the section containing New York City students’ art work, followed by other sections of ancient art work.

Here are some pictures from the visit:


The Museum of Modern Art


The Museum of Modern Art

Waiting for Opening of the Museum


Shriya Showing her Painting of ”Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood”

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood


Note on Painting of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” of Shriya

 Shriya Showing her Artwork to Visitors

Panel Display of Shriya with Other Grades

Another Panel of Student Work

Another Panel of Student Work

Student Art Work Appreciated by Shriya


With Family

Ancient Greek Art

Ancient Buddhist Art

 Arts of the Indian Subcontinent

 Arts of Ancient Indian Subcontinent, now Pakistan


Art of Ancient India


Arts of Hindu Deity, Ancient India

Art of Ancient China

 Japanese Garden

 Ancient Egyptian Art

  Nearby Guggenheim Museum

 Shriya Explaining to Her Mother

 Shriya at Her Painting

 Congratulations to Shriya and her parents. Best wishes.