Wednesday, August 17, 2022

75th Anniversary of Indian Independence



75th Anniversary of Indian Independence:

Indian Independence 75th Anniversary, Partition Center, August 15, 2022

 ISPaD: Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project Report

1.     Congratulation for 75th Anniversary of winning against the British Colonial oppression.

2.     We thank people who gave their lives for India’s independence, and thank hundreds of thousands who spend years in oppressor’s prison, including our founder's grandparents and uncles.

3.     Congratulations to India and Pakistan for their 75 years of independence.

4.     We offer our pronam or prayer to millions of people who lost their lives due to partition, including 1971 partition of Pakistan, and independence of Bangladesh, and tens of millions who were cleansed from their land.

5.     We wish that all nations in the Subcontinent to be free and secular, without any discrimination against anyone, and tolerant towards each other and their minorities.

6.     We wish that all the Subcontinent nations would allow all of their indigenous minorities who were driven out from their ancestral lands to return back to their land.

7.     We thank ISPaD or Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project for remembering their history. 


Let us Remember

Partition of Bengal in 1905 by the Colonial British rulers into Hindu Bengal and Muslim Bengal in a mixed district when no Muslim and no Hindu asked for partition of the freedom-minded Bengal region. British paid a non-local Muslim to start a partition-supporter Muslim League Party.

Rest is history………………….

British Hanging Site for Indian Freedom Lovers at Andaman Islands, including Suyra Sen.


A Memorial Tablet at Andaman Islands among Hundreds of Tablets of Thousands of Indians Imprisoned by the British for Demanding India’s Freedom


 Partition of Bengal Map


A Sample of Deity Destruction of Tens of Thousands Destroyed Before and After Partition which Continues till Today, 2022

  A Typical Day at India-Pakistan Wagha Border


 Grandma Matangini Hazra Killed by British Forces for Her Peaceful Independence Struggle


 Hindu Refugees Fleeing to India from Their Ancestral Homeland


 Destruction of Hindu Cremation Areas in Partition Affected Lands


A List of Bengali Hindus Hanged by the British Colonizers


Gandhi Memorial, Delhi


Jallianwala Bagh, Punjab, a British Massacre Site of Thousands of Peace-loving Indians 


To Penalize Freedom-Loving Indians British Prime Minister Churchill Created a Man-made Famine in Bengal in 1943-44 During Bumper Crop by Taking Away Crops and Destroying Tens of Thousands of Boats in Ganga-Brahmaputra Delta, the world’s largest delta.

A Few Books on Remembrance:


“How it was my homeland” by Tathagata Roy


“On Noakhali’s Terrible Days” by Ashoka Gupta


 “Mone Parey: I Remember,” Sankar Ghosh Dastidar



Energetic Poor Villagers Celebrating Indian Independence in 2022 in a Remote Corner of Sundarbans Jungle Village Chanting Vande Mataram, Glory to Our Mother!

Glory to our Freedom Fighters!

A few of the messages sent to Partition Center:


Message from Prof. Dr. Saradindu Mukherji of India

Best wishes for the program.


Message from Prof. Dr. Sachi G. Dastidar of U.S.A.


 Message from Prof. Dr. Sujata Ghosh Dastidar of India


Message from Dr. Alireza Ebrahimi of U.S.A.



Message from Dr. Rajat Mitra of India