Sunday, May 16, 2021

Probini Foundation’s Baisakh New Year Celebration, May 15, 2021


Probini Foundation’s Baisakh New Year Celebration

On May 15, 2021

At a Queens Backyard Maintaining Covid’s Social Distancing

Probini Foundation Report

On a beautiful sunny Saturday, a few of the Probini friends got together to honor many of our dedicated supporters with Anath Bandhu (Friend of the Orphaned) and Samaj Bandhu (Friend of the Society) honors.

Here are some pictures of that event. Some of the missing honorees were Drs. Arvind & Kripa Chandrakantan of Texas, Rajinder and Jyoti Gandhi of New Jersey, Ms. Mita Banerji of Queens, Mrs. Joy Karim of Connecticut, and Rev. Arlene Wilhelm of Upstate New York.

Following out presentation of Annual Report by Shuvo G. Dastidar, foundation’s Executive Secretary, the presentation of awards was chaired by Sachi G. Dastidar, Probini’s chair of the Board.

Probini helps orphaned and poor students in Bangladesh, and in Indian States of West Bengal, Assam and Mizoram through donations received. 

Because of Covid and extreme poverty Probini event raised funds to help Tuichawng area of Mizoram. Donation has already been sent to Sudip Chakma, a teacher and secretary of Probing-supported school in the village.

From 2022 Probini will merge with ISPaD or The Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project, also a tax-exempt not-for-profit organization of New York, also chaired by Sachi G. Dastidar.

Those who want to help us please send donations via Facebook or check where people can donations via PayPal or credit cards. Our email is

Probini honorees were Ms. Linda Rennie of Long Island, and award presented by Ms. Lois Marbach, a noted Queens political activist;

Ms. Geeta Bhatt of Queens, and award presented by Lois Marbach;

Ms. Laura Healey of Long Island, and award presented by Prabal Mukherji, an eminent engineer of Long Island;

Mr. Gerardo Espinal of Queens, and award presented by Prabal Mukherji;

Mr. Dilip Chakravorti of Queens, and award presented by Swapna Mukherji, a noted engineer of Long Island with Dr. Shefali S. Dastidar, a Probini co-founder, and a planner of New York City.

Mrs. Nandita Bagchi of Long Island, with award presented by Ms. Cassandra Johnson, an attorney and a candidate for judgeship in Queens;

Mrs. Aloka Sinha of Queens, with award presented by Mr. Stuart Moore, a noted Long Island lawyer and social activist;

During the cultural program Mrs. Victorya Gumbs Moore, a judge on Long Island gave a brief speech, followed by reading of poems by Aloka Sinha and Nandita Bagchi. Sachi G. Dastidar then briefly talked about his recent book release. Little Shriya (Lakshmi) then enchanted everyone with her dance performance of a Tagore song "Duley duley fooley fooley..... (The flowers sway.....). After a short break. Dr. Kusumita P Pedersen read several poems of Sri Chinmoy from a book, Love the World: Selected Poems by Sri Chinmoy. The cultural program ended with a Tagore song "Ei to tomar prem.... (This is your love.....) by famous singer and founder of a performing arts school in Queens Mrs. Subhra Goswami, a retired New York City high school teacher. 

Here are pictures of that event:

Before the Start of the Event

 Before the Start of the Event

Distance Socializing of Vaccinated Supporters

Secretary Shuvo G. Dastidar Presenting Annual Report

At the Start of the Event
Sachi G. Dastidar Introducing Honorees
 Ms Linda Rennie Receiving Award from Lois Marbach

 Ms. Geeta Bhatt Receiving Award from Lois Marbach

Ms. Laura Healey Receiving Award from Prabal Mukherji
Mr. Gerardo Espinal Receiving Award from Prabal Mukherji
Mr. Dilip Chalravorti Receiving Award from Mrs. Swapna Mpkherji and Dr.  Shefali S. Dastidar

Mrs. Nandita Bagchi Receiving Award from Ms. Cassandra Johnson
Mrs. Aloka Sinha Receiving Award from J Stuart Moore, Esq.