Sunday, January 27, 2019

OAR: Our Association for Remedy, Kolkata: Educating the Very Poor

OAR: Our Association for Remedy, Kolkata,

Paschim Banga (West Bengal) State, India:

Providing Education to the Poor and the Bypassed

Dr. Sachi G. Dastidar

Probini Foundation Report; January 25, 2019

OAR: Our association for Remedy has been educating pavement-dwelling children, children of slums – often on illegally-occupied land. OAR is providing basic education to dozens of children living on illegal property at Maajher Haat Station in Kolkata. Students are mostly from migrant families from neighboring states. Although basic education is free and compulsory there are always thousands of kids who fall through the cracks either for lack of registration or for lack of seats in state-supported schools. The school at Majher Haat Station is called Mukti (Free) and is taught for a couple of hours by two to three teachers for a nominal remuneration. On the day when a Probini delegation arrived on the back of a motorbike the students showed their prowess by reciting several poems and verses, by drawing a “New Year Card” and receiving gifts of pens and pencils in a box bought by Mr. Bikas Biswas, the Project Director and dreamer of big ideas, bought by donation by this writer given on the day of the Probini Meet on January 6, 2019. OAR is planning to acquite a piece of land in southwest Kolkata suburb for an orphanage and a school. May God bless OAR!

Should anyone be interested in learn about OAR one may write to or check Probini page at Facebook or check for further information.

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