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SreeRamKathi, Pirojpur, Bangladesh

SreeRamKathi, Pirojpur, Bangladesh

At the End of the World Rising Again through Education and Hard Work

Dr. Sachi G. Dastidar

Probini Foundation Report; January 20, 2019
SreeRamKathi must be one of the remotest places on earth located in southern coastal Bangladesh. Just a few years ago when this reporter visited the village, it took more than eight hours by bus, ferry and rickshaw from Bangladeshi capital Dhaka. Or, it took an overnight journey by riverboat, very comfortable, but time taking. With significant improvement in infrastructure in the largest deltaic nation including bridge building in the delta crisscrossed by rivers one can reach SreeRamKathi in half that time if one takes a flight to the Brishal Airport in the south of the country, then take a car. That’s what three of us did on this trip in mid-January of 2019.

Decades ago when Probini was approached to help rebuild the school in early 2000s started by the monk Pranavananda in 1900s – but closed later. There existed very few elements except for the desire and hard work of Sunil Maharaj, a monk. Please check for additional information.
At another time Maharaj took me to Uzirpur in Barishal district all by a trawler – river boat – called Kandari – the Leader – on an eight hour enchanting journey which must me the best travel experience for me among many travel experiences in over 100 countries and territories that I have visited. That Kandari was temporarily gone, but is back again. Maharaj takes trips to remote villages only approachable by boat for reading, writing and arithmetic lessons otherwise unavailable locally.

Probini Foundation built its school building giving lessons in secular subjects as well as on religion, including on Islam taught by a female Muslim teacher. (Besides the school building Probini also pays for a few teachers' salary.) Now the poor residents have gotten together and have built a second floor of the school, residence for orphans, dining hall, a healthcare center, several student-transport vans, and are now planning a 50-million-taka new complex – all with their own collection. It is wonderful to witness neglected peoples dream again!

The Probini School Building was built by Members of Probini Foundation (NY), Members of Pranab Ashram, In Memory of the Late Sakti Prasad Nandi by son Saumya, In Memory of the Late Sakti Prasad Nandi by Daughter-in-law Marta Delgado, In Memory of the Late Anjali Mukherji by Sister Dr. Shefali Sengupta Dastidar, Mr. Dhruba Chowdhury, Mr. & Dr. Ramapada and Manjula Mokhopadhyay, In Memory of Grandma and Grandpa (the Late Bibhuti Bhusan & Nihar Kana Ghosh Dastidar) by Granddaughter Dr. Joyeeta, Mr. Prabal Mukherji, Drs. Sudhangshu B. and Ratna Karmakar, In Memory of Rajlaskhmi Mitra (Pirojpur) by son Sushen, Mr. Korah T. Mani, Dr. Kusumita Priscilla Pedersen, In Memory of the Late Amitabha Ghosh Dastidar by Brother Sabyasachi.
Should anyone be interested in helping the SreeRamKaathi school, they may write to for further information.

Welcome at the School

The Pranab School Donors' Tablet

Reception by Students

Probini Foundation School Bhavan (Building)

Guests from India

More Reception


Head Monk and Head Teacher

12-Course Meal Prepared and Served by Monk Sunil

School Van of Pranabananda Kindergarten

More Classrooms

The Health Center


Kandari: The Floating School


Bridge to the Boat

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