Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stranded Pakistanis Vote in Bangladesh: 2008

In Bangladesh Biharis (Stranded Pakistanis) cast Vote in General Election-2008: First Time Ever
Stranded Biharis known as Biharis, exercised their franchise for the first time on Monday in the 9 th Parliamentary election in independent Bangladesh, they are treated as minority in Bangladesh. After liberation of Bangladesh those Biharis have not been treated as citizen of Bangladesh.
The Biharis who achieved the voting rights following the High court orders, thronged the polling centers at different places in a festive mood since morning of 29 th Dec, 08.
The Biharis came out of their respective city slums in the sunny morning and cast votes with a high hope that the next elected government would resolve their problems.
They said that only 20 percent Biaris could enlist their names in the voters list and sought co-operation from the next government so that the dropped Bihari voters can register their names in the voter list in January.
Talking to BDMW some of the Biharis said their demands have partially been fulfilled as they are allowed to cast votes in the crucial 9 th Parliament Election. "We should no longer be treated as stranded Pakistanis"
Asked if they have any preference for a particular political party, most of the Biharis said they are not particularly worried about this. They are looking for an honest and patriotic government which will ensure their basis rights.

Adv.Rabindra Ghosh
Founder President of Banglaldesh Minority Watch (BDMW)
12, K.M. Das Lane, Tikatuly Bholagiri Trust, Ist Floor Sutrapur P.s. Dhaka, Bangladesh

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