Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Saving of 300-year Old Mahilara Mott Temple, Bangladesh

300-Year Old Mahilara Mott Radha-Krishna Hindu Temple
after Restoration and saving from anti-Hindu Terrorists.
The Temple is now incuded in a UNECSO book on Bangladeshi heritage.
On the Roof of the New Nihar Kana Bhaktabash and School
Builder's Tablet of Nihar Kana Bhakrabash School; Dedicated 2001
Peasants Offereing Alm
Happy Faces at the Opening of the New Building adjacent to the Temple
Villagers offering Flower at the Foundation laying of new Bhaktabash School
Swagatam: Welcome - at the Opening of the Buinding, on right
Welcome at the New Building, on right
Peasants Organizing for Repair of the Mott Temple
The Old Mahilara Mott on the Background,
a Survivor of Attacks during anti-Hindu Pogroms
(Picture: 1986) 
Bangladesh Government Letter to Sachi G. Dastidar 
telling him the upcoming repair of Mahilara Mott

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