Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nadigram, West Bengal, India: Communist Action Against Peasants

Nadigram, West Bengal, India: Communist Action Against Peasants

Sachi G. Dastidar

   Here are a few of the pictures when the writer went there to help the Kasturba Gandhi Memorial School sought by Kastuba Gandhi Foundation and its leader Mrs. Ashoka Gupta, its head of West Bengal Unit, an Indian Freedom Fighter, and one of the rescuers of Hindu Girls and Mothers kidnapped for conversion during Noakhali Danga pogrom of October 1946 in eastern Bengal Province of British India, then governed by the separatist Muslim League Party, led by Premier Husain S Suhrawardy. Mahatma Gandhi went to Noakhali to be with the persecuted, bridge Muslim-Hindu (non-Muslim) divide, and recover the abducted girls and mothers.

Kastuba Gandhi Memorial One-Room Free School Classroom

Kasturba Gandhi Memorial School, Nandigram, West Bengal, India

Torching of Non-Communist Homes by Communist-Marxist Party Workers

Torched Peasant Homes by Communist Party of India-Marxist Workers

Hindu Temple and Deities Desecrated by anti-Hindu and Communist Mob; India

Village Path with the Ruling Communist-Marxist Flag and Hindu Shrine

Private farm Land Promised to Salim Group, Indonesia by
West Bengal Ruling Communist-Marxist Government resulting in Peasant Rebellion

One-Room School for the Poor frequently a Target of Party Cadres

Torched Home of Non-Communist Peasants

All Female Teachers with Students at Outdoor Event

Students of Kasturba Gandhi Memorial Free School, Nandigram, India

Memorial to 17 Peasants Killed in the Playground by the Ruling Communist-Marxist
Cadres and West Bengal State Police of Hundreds Killed in the Region
Pictures: June 2008; Adopted from an Article in India

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