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Assam, India, Hindu Bengali Language Martyrs, 1961

Assam, India, Hindu Bengali Language Martyrs, 1961

ISPaD: Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project (NY) Report

Assam Government police killed 11 Hindu Bengali on May 19, 1961 as they sought education in Bengali in the Bengali-majority Barak Valley. Demands for reading, writing, schooling, administration and work in the indigenous Bengali language continues till today in the otherwise tolerant and diverse India.

Here are pictures of those martyrs from the pages of Matribhasa (Mother Language) journal of Barak Upatyaka Matribhasa Shuraksha (Cachar) [Barak Valley Mother Language Protection (Cachar)] 24th Edition, May 19, 2017. Courtesy: Dr. Kumar K. Das of Silchar, Cachar District, Assam, India.

Ms. Kamala Bhattacharya (born 1352 Bengali Era; CE1945)Mr. Kanailal Niyogi (b 1329; 1922); Mr. Hitesh Biswas (1343; 1936)

Mr. Sunil Sarkar (1346; 1939); Mr. Satyendra Deb (1343; 1936); Mr. Sachindra Pal (1348; 1941)

Mr. ChandiCharan Sutradhar (1333; 1926); Mr. Kumud Ranjan Das (1350; 1943); Mr. Tarani Debnath (1347; 1940)

Mr. Sukamol Purakayastha (1330; 1923); Mr. Birendra Sutradhar (1342; 1935)

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