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Gava, Bangladesh: Home of Ghosh Dastidar Family

Gava, Bangladesh: Home of the Ghosh Dastidar Family


Sabyasachi Ghosh Dastidar

Pancha-Ratna (Five Steepled) Hindu Temple

(now an Islamic mosque resides in its courtyard after the Hindu deity was destroyed, and temple unusable)

Centuries-old Memorial of a Ghosh-Dastidar Ancestor

A Ghosh Dastidar Family Shrine -- Puja Bari:

Ma Manasha (Goddess of Snake) Puja Festival Conducted by Ghosh-Dastidar family and Local Hindu Women

A Centuries-old Traditional Bengali Hindu Memorial of a Ghosh-Dastidar:

Gava, Home of 40 Generations of Bangladeshi Indigenous Ghosh-Dastidar Family

Pancha-Ratna Hindu Temple; the Tin-shed Mosque on Right built on the Hindu Temple Property

The Canal built in the Middle Ages by Ghosh-Dastidar Family

A Gava Ghosh-Dastidar Family with Guests

The Gava High School (1889), Alma Mater of many Noted Indians

Lohar Pool (Iron Bridge): A Famous Landmark of the 19Th Century

A Ghosh-Dastidar Family Memorial

A Gava Street Scene

A Bamboo Shanko (Foot Bridge)

Harvest of a Gava Family

A Gava, Barisal, Bangladesh, Harvest

A Home of a Hindu Family, now Refugee in India

The ancestral home of 40 generations of Ghosh-Dastidar Family of Bengal, Bangladesh and India.

A Family Chart of Ghosh & Ghosh-Dastidar of about 40 Generations in East Bengal/

Banglar BrahmanKayastha O GhoshDastidar Bangsha (Bengal's Bramin-Kayastha and Ghosh Dastidar Family) by SriDskshinaRanjan GhoshDastidar, printed by SriSudhanghuRanjan Sengupta, Truth Press, 3 Nandan Road, Bhabanipur; Baisakh 1351 (April-May 1945). Price only 2 takas. 


rishab bose said...

I, Rishab Basu myself am a descendant of the Ghosh Dastidars of Gabha. My family were the zamindars of Maharajpur and Pailanpatti in Faridpur, East Bengal. My great grandfather Rakhal Chandra Bose was married to Shailabala Ghosh Dastidar, who was my great-grandmother. Can some more pictures of the house itself be posted?

Unknown said...

I am also Ghoshdastidar (though I write only "Ghosh").I am very happy to see these pictures. I will also visit Gava.
Barun Kumar Ghosh

Samriddhi said...

Hi, I am also Ghosh Dastidar...I have always been interested in genealogy...And, am really happy to have come across this page :)

Aryan said...

I belong to Ghosh Roy family and I am very curious to know about my family background. In part of my searching I find this website and really thankfull to you I had also plan to go in B'desh this year around Sept-oct. Currently I am in Melbourne if anyone still in B'desh of this family unit please contact me.

Sanjoyofcal75 said...


I belong to Ghosh Roy family of Narottampur village of Barishal dist. I am interested to find out more details about my ancestors. If someone has any information, kindly contact me at:

Sanjeeb Bose said...

Hi Rishab,
I am grandson of Rakhal Chandra Bose who was zamindar of Maharajpur. He married Sova Rani as his second marriage and she is my grandmother.
Would like to open up this descendent thread and get back as much details I can. I am in India and all the details I have is only through stories from dad and grandmom. Hope to hear from you if you could help.

Andy said...

My mother Ghosh Dastidar left Gava during the partition in 1947.
I am Anindya Mukherjee residing in Calgary, Canada and intend to visit Gava in December 2011.
Can anyone confirm that Gava is still existing with the same name? My cousin posted in Indian Embassy in Dacca could not locate Gava.
Any clues please?

Empire's Last Casualty said...

Hello Mr. Andy:

I am very sorry that I didn't Check my blog's Gava for a long, long time. Gava, my ancestral home although we say LakhsmanKathi where they moved in 1500s, also in Barisal, that you wrote about. I am Sabyasachi Ghosh Dastidar, in the middle in yellow jacket in Ulpur pictures, with my Didi from Calcutta, married to a RoyChowdhuty of Ulpur. I live in the U.S. and is a professor. We visit Bangladesh regularly as we support many schools there (and in India) through Probini Foundation,, and now I head an Indian Subcontinent Partition Document Project in NY Also check YouTube Ispad1947.

Please write to me, I will be happy to reply to any question you have.

Going to Gava is not that difficult. One can reach by bus either from Barisal or from Madaripur, but takes a little time. It is faster by renting a car and head towards Banaripara or Gopalganj), and it is in the middle of Barisal and Banaripara. There are three Ghosh Dastidar families at Gava-RanchandraPur Union.


Dr. Sabyasachi (Sachi) Ghosh Dastidar

Unknown said...


I am Indrajit Ghosh Dastidar.

Seen the photos and feeling very proud.

Now staying at Durgapur.

Want to go Barisal.

Indrajit Ghosh Dastidar

Empire's Last Casualty said...

It is ver easy to get to Gava from Barisal City. Take a bus to Banaripara (or to Gopalganj) and get off at Gava. It is 45-60 minutes. Or rent a car, as we did (for saving time and visit other places on the same trip.)Walk around the village. It is woderful to just walk around. All of them will welcome you.

There are many hotels in Barisal.

There are many ways to get to Barisal from Dhaka -- ship, air and road.

From Benapole boder one can take an express Biratihin bus to Barisal.

My Mejdi from Calcutta and son from the U.S. went to Gava. And Didi from Calcutta and several other RoyChowdhuries from Calcutta joined her on her 2nd trip to Ulpur. While visiting Ulpur we have stayed at the Guest Lodge of Pranab Ashram in Madaripur. (There are good hotels at Madaripur as well.) Jiban Maharaj there helps us rent a car to travel around.

Unknown said...

hey hii this is upasana ghosh grand father is shantijiban ghosh dastidar and my great grsnd father is bhuvaneswar ghosh dastidar. he waqs married to indumati. can any one relate to me plzzz reply plzz

Unknown said...

Hi Myself Dipanshu Roy. I am grandson of last zamindar of Barisal (Lakaxmi kant roy choudhury. Can anyone help me to contact with other Roy Choudhury family member. My no 09654540671. I am now at Delhi with my family

Empire's Last Casualty said...

I am sorry I did not check this blog for a long time.

First DipanshuBabu's question: I know several Roy Chowdhurys. First and foremost my didi, Srimati Pratima Roy Chowdhury of Calcutta, but then they identify as Ulpur's Roy Chowdhury. Will that Do? You will see a blog on Ulpur, check that out. Several years ago I stayed next to the zamidarbari in Barisal City. I was at JNU in Delhi in November and December of 2012. If I knew you then I could have invited you to see many pictures. I do not live in India or Bangladesh.

Check the web of where you will find some information on Barisal. Check Probini Causes at Facebook.

Dear Upasana:

I have not found those names on a family tree that was presented to me by my second cousin RobiDa of Kolkata. That chart, and another book on Ghosh Dastidars published in 1941, contain many names by their nicknames such as Dipu, Khoka, Nobu, etc. I have found one ShantiRanjan. I will keep looking.

Keep in touch.

Check our Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project (New York) where we are saving a bit of our history. Check YouTube's Ispad1947 or Ind..Sub.. Cont.. Pati.. Doc.. channel, as well as Ispad1947 Cause at Facebook. You can connect with Shuvo Dastidar (of U.S.) at Facebook. I will tell him about you.
Sabyasachi Ghosh Dastidar

Unknown said...

Hi Myself momi roy chowdhury. I am granddoughter of last zamindar of Barisal bamnipara(kali kant roy choudhury)alta roy chowdhury bari. Can anyone help me to contact with other Roy Choudhury family member. My email add ( I am now at kolkata with my family

Unknown said...


I am overwhelmed to find so many members of the extended Ghosh Dastidar family here. I would be too grateful if anyone could send me the family tree of Ghosh Dastidar family. My grandfather Late Sri Khagendranath Ghosh Dastidar was the one to suffer the agony of partition.

Thanks in advance.
Sharbhanu Ghosh Dastidar

Unknown said...

Hello, am Sandipan Ghosh, presently staying in New Delhi and working in the Ministry of Home Affairs.I belong to the Ghosh Dastidar family as my maternal grandfather Shri Sukumar Ghosh Dastidar was from Gava, Bangladesh.He had to suffer the agony of Partition.Am a tremendous history freak and as such am interested in geanealogy too. Can I expect a response from your end regarding my maternal grandfather? My no. is 9891449527 and mailid is

Dr Dastidar said...

My name is Dr Baidyanath Ghosh Dastidar. My grandfather had to leave Gabha Gram at time of partition. When they came to Kolkata they were like beggars and my uncle died as my grandparents had no money for treatment. It was my fathers hard work that he became a successful doctor and currently a minister in the west Bengal government.

I hope god punishes those people who forced us out of our homes and caused misery to all of us. And to all members of our family, I do not know most of you . But we are one family bonded by love

Unknown said...

Empire's Last Casualty..

Is there any chance that the robida you referred to is Robi Ghosh Dastidar? If yes, he was my paternal uncle, would love to hear from you once.

Empire's Last Casualty said...

Dear Dr. Dastidar:

We are honored to learn of the success of your father and grandfather's struggle. In order to save our history, stories of our parents' struggle, we started the Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project in the U.S. Please check our website and at YouTube ispad1947 channel where you'll find stories like that of your parents. If you can record the story of your father and send that to us, we'll be happy to upload with others. Please join with our effort.

Please check my books, Ai Bangla Oi Bangla (1992, Tulat), A Aamar Desh (1998, College Street Publishers), Living Among the Believers: Stories from the Holy Land Down the Ganges (Firma KLM, 2005) and Empire's Last Casualty (Firma KLM 2008).
Sabyasachi (Sachi) Ghosh Dastidar

ISPaD Project said...

Indeed, Robida is Robi Ghosh Dastidar, my Jethtoto Dada, and close to my older brother Amitabha Ghosh Dastidar.

ISPaD Project said...

Dear Momi Roy Chowdhury:

I know many Roy Chowdhurys, but not from Banaripara. A few of them have written in this blog.

Actually road from Barisal City to Banaripara connects Gabha (Gava). My boudi, Prof. Dr. Sujata (Guha Thakurta) Ghosh Dastidar is from Banaripara. I will try to respond to you in your email.

Sabyasachi Ghosh Dastidar

ISPaD Project said...

Dear Sharbhanu Ghosh Dastidar:

We have a family tree going back to 35/36 generations, but that we have donated to the Partition Museum that we have started in New York. We have started a Partition Library as well. It is open to all; and is run through individual donations from our personal savings.

If you are in New York, please visit us. You may contact us at

Best wishes,

S. G. Dastidar

satyakigd said...

Does anyone have any genealogy of the Ghosh Dastidar's in an electronic format?


Satyaki Ghosh Dastidar

Empire's Last Casualty said...

I do not know.

Saby said...

I am also Ghosh Dastidar but for convenient's sake removed Dasidar from the surname.I heard about Gava from my father who used to live in Gava and used to study in Barisal based BM college. It's nice feeling to get connected to one's roots.

Sabyasachi Ghosh, Pune

Unknown said...

Respected Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh Dastidar ,

It would be nice if you would kindly provide me with your email-Id.I wish to share a few informations with you.

You can find me on Google+ as "Rzishikalpa Paul"(Rishikalpa Paul).

Yours faithfully ,
R.K. Paul.

Empire's Last Casualty said...

Sorry for not checking the blog for some time.

Dear R. K. Paul:

Please write to me at I will get it. It is our Partition Documentation Center email address. I head the project.

Dear Sabyasachi Ghosh:

I know many of our relations who went to BMC. This has now been elevated to B.M. University. I had been there couple of times.

My wife and I were in Pune at least 3 decades ago to visit our friend Subroto Sinha.

It is good to know that I share my name with someone else.


Debasish said...

I am a member of ghosh Roy family from ramchandrapore, Barisal . My grandfather name is narendranath ghosh Roy , great grand father kashinath ghosh Roy, please could you throw some light on this so that I could be connected to other extended members of the ghosh Roy's.
Thanks and must say what an effort
Debasish ghosh Roy

Empire's Last Casualty said...

I understand that the local union is called Gava-RamchandraPur Union. In late 1990s I met the brother of the Union head, and wrote to the Union head not to change the name of our ancestral name as many Islamists had proposed. I was urged by several poor Gava peasants to oppose the name change on their behalf.

I don't know many Ghosh Roys, except for one who live in Floral Park para of Queens Borough of New York City.

Unknown said...

check dis site hpe u relate ny1..

Unknown said...

Rajarshi Ghosh

I belong to Ghosh Roy family of Narottampur, Barisal, though my ancestor moved to Charkathi village in Khulna district nearly 150 years ago. Charkathi is situated in opposite bank of Ichhamti river of Taki, West Bengal I have also relatives belong to Ghosh Dastidar family of Gava.I have some details of my ancesters which I am sending to Mr Sanjoy Ghosh. Mr Aryan if you can provide your email I can send the details to you also. If someone has more details can contact me at

Unknown said...

Rajarshi Ghosh

I belong to Ghosh Roy family of Narottampur, Barisal, though my ancestor moved to Charkathi village in Khulna district nearly 150 years ago. Charkathi is situated in opposite bank of Ichhamti river of Taki, West Bengal I have also relatives belong to Ghosh Dastidar family of Gava.I have some details of my ancesters which I am sending to Mr Sanjoy Ghosh. Mr Aryan if you can provide your email I can send the details to you also. If someone has more details can contact me at

Unknown said...

This is great to see the Ghosh dastidar family together. Wonderful memories heard from parents and grand parents. Will go certainly one day to gava

Unknown said...

My grandfather's sister (thaku maa) one told me about our ancestral house. Its billo bari of gava gram. My grand father name, Late Shri Debrabrata ghosh dastidar.

Unknown said...

Hello, my Grandfather Late Chintaharan Basu was from Lakhsmankathi, and settled in Pandu, Assam. I understand my father Late Priyabrata Basu, attended Gava High School and the Ghosh Dastidars were his Maternal house (Mamabari).

I am now in Toronto, and could be reached at

Never been to Bangladesh, hope someday.

Arun Jyoti Basu

juniorbhattacharya___ said...
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juniorbhattacharya___ said...
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juniorbhattacharya___ said...

hi am a descendant of Ghosh Dastidar family of Barisal grandmother's (maternal side) ..farher Chintaharan Ghosh Dastidar ..belonged to this Gava Ghosh Dastidar family of Barisal ...i believe there is only one Ghosh Dastidar ...kuleen kayastha family said to me by my grandmom ...if any one can relate please do reply ...would love to connect with you all...its great to see so many associated with this family ...

Unknown said...

A big hellow to all Ghosh Dastidar's . :-)

My Grandfather(Dadu) Amulya Chandra Ghosh Dastidar belong to Gabha Gram , Barishal - Bangladesh and now my Husband is also Ghosh Dastidar. Since childhood heard a lot about Gabha , Barishal from Maa and Dida. And now being married to a Ghosh Dastidar, my interest for the place has increased even more and got to know from him that till today Durga Puja is celebrated in a school in Bhawanipur Kolkata by all GHOSH DASTIDAR'S . My mother is very much emotionally connected with Gabha-Barishal so want to take her there but i doubt is it really safe for any tourist to visit East Bengal.

Anybody have any details to provide can mail me at the given ID -

Anindita Ghosh Dastidar

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
I do not belong to GhoshDastidar Family , but do you have any idea of Daschoudhury of Dudhal, I am currently trying to build our Daschoudhury family tree but information is very less. so if you can help me. i heard we had zamandari over there though small and had very good relation with your family Gava . Any information is welcomed.

juniorbhattacharya___ said...

Hi Anindita Ghosh Dastidar is great connecting all the Ghosh Dastidar's together in this website ...kudos to whoever has made this website ...can you tell me where in Bhawanipur do the Ghosh Dastidar's celebrate the Durga puja together ???....and as far as visiting East Bengal is concerened ...i guess its quite safe for a tour in there now ....

Unknown said...

I am Adwitiya Ghosh Dastidar. And I am great grand daughter of Nipendramoy Ghosh Dastidar. My family shifted to Guwahati , India when they realised there can be some problem . And yes my family is from Gava . I have heard a lot of stories about our home at Bangladesh from my Grand dad . Most of my family member stoped using Dastidar as it makes the name long . My dad , his cousins ,my siblings and cousins are the only one who writes the entire surname . I always loved our surname . It was really nice seeing pictures. Bdw my grand dad left me a book which has history of Ghosh Dastidar .

Unknown said...

My great grand father's name is shree Amrendra nath ghosh dastidar. Our origin is gava gram and our house name is billo bari. Any known people here please comment.

Unknown said...

Hi Sayantani,

Its a school where it is celebrated and unfortunately i do not know the name of that school


Ishita said...

Hi there! My family is also ghosh roy. And we are from narottampur. Barisal. Would like to get in touch :)

ISPaD Project said...

You may contact directly Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project's (ISPaD) via email. We are located in New York. It is where your email was forwarded. Check our web at

It is very easy to go to Gava from Kolkata or Dhaka, as you will find somewhere in the blog. Generally one goes via Barisal, but one can make a trip by skipping Barisal, either via Benapole or via Madaripur or via Gopalganj, especially by renting a car.

We are not sure about Narottampur, however, local folks in Barisal or Madaripur or Gopalganj will be able to give one direction to visit the village.

Puja Avinandan!

Happy travel.

Unknown said...

Hi i Avishek Ghosh Roy. Also I am searching for my family history. What i found was we were zamindars of naruttampur. But no online details or pictures. My whatsapp number is 9836558883. Email do inform me if you find something. Another info my great grand fathers name was biraj mohon ghosh roy.

Unknown said...

Hey i am also form barishal narottampur. My email is do contact

Unknown said...

Hi. This is Avisek Ghosh Roy. My ancestors were from naruttampur barishal. We came to kolkata in the 1940's. My great grand father was late biraj mohon ghosh roy. If u want to contact my email is

Unknown said...

Hi This is Avisek Ghosh Roy.My Ancestors were the zamindars of naruttampur barishal. My Grandfathers name is late Biraj Mohon Ghosh Roy.We came to Kolkata in the 1940's.I searching the internet for a long time for myfamily history and pictures if any but could not find them. Can you please help me. My whatsapp is 9836558883. And my email is you have anything about our family history do notify me. Thank you in advance.

Rajarshi said...

The blogger's username is too apt according to present conditions.

Rajarshi said...

You're in the wrong place. Sir

Rajarshi said...

But it's nice to see fellow members overseas, now I can proudly say we the GHOSHDASTIDARS are spread throughout the world, a true overseas community. Even I live in Moscow since 2016. Thanks to the blogger to show us the pictures of our long lost homeland.

ISPaD Project said...

Like you many of us live overseas, not in Gava, Barisal, Bangladesh or India. Please do not hesitate to visit your land. Our U.S.-born son visited Gava in 1990s. In the late 1990s while visiting Gava I was asked by several poor peasants to protest the suggestion of name change of the Gava-Ramchandrapur Union, as also asked by our Muslim driver. Which I did. Shuvechha, Sabyasachi (Sachi) Ghosh Dastidar

ISPaD Project said...

Like you many of us live overseas, not in Gava, Barisal, Bangladesh or India. Please do not hesitate to visit your land. Our U.S.-born son visited Gava in 1990s. In the late 1990s while visiting Gava I was asked by several poor peasants to protest the suggestion of name change of the Gava-Ramchandrapur Union, as also asked by our Muslim driver. Which I did. Shuvechha, Sabyasachi (Sachi) Ghosh Dastidar

ISPaD Project said...

Dear Avisek Ghosh Roy: I'm sorry that I didn't visit Naruttampur, Barisal. I asked our friend Rama GhoshRoy. But he is from Kashipur, Barisal which is also my mother's mamabari.
Good wishes, S. G. Dastidar

Unknown said...

Thank you for the memories... u have inspired me to dig out my antecedents and would be visiting Gava soon...

Unknown said...

Hi Adwitya... could you share the title of the book or a soft copy??

ISPaD Project said...

Dear Rajdeep Ghosh: I know that there is a book called "Banglar Brahmon-Kayastha abong Ghosh Dastidar bangsha or Ghosh Bangsha, published in 1941. We have a copy of that book at the Partition Center Museum (, email in New York. I don't know if that booklet was reprinted after 1947. Good luck,

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the information. Please guide me how to get a copy of the booklet or any other mode as such. I have my brother staying in Austin and he visits newyork often. Please do provide the requisite information. Thank you so much.

de trop said...

I am Mrs. Chhanda Ghosh Dastidar, daughter of Late Ajit Ghosh Dastidar, who hailed from Gabha. My grand Father was late Atul Chandra Ghosh Dastidar. My mesho Late Ranajit Ghosh Dastidar was also from Gabha.

My father & dadu with Mesho & his family came to India during partition. I never visited my roots. Can anyone please help me out.

I tried Google but map does not show Gabha. I tried following the road from Barishal to Banaripara, but could not figure out Gabha.

My email is I was residing at Chicago but now shifted to Kolkata. Please help me out.



ISPaD Project said...

Hello Ms. Chhanda:

It seemed to me it was a quite simple trip from Barisal City.

Public buses to Banaripara or Gopalganj pass via Gava/Gabha.

We rented a car from Barisal. All the car rentals know the direction. To get the rental we were helped by the Barisal Ramakrishna Mission located at College Road. Hotels in Barisal will also be able to help.

From Barisal after going north Banaripara/Gopalganj road takes a left turn. Then you'll cross a canal (which used to be the main access to Gava in the old days and dug by Gava ancestors.)

After a few minutes at Gava Village bus stop where you take a (then) dirt road which ends at the canal where you have the famous Lohar (Iron) Pul (bridge) built by Ghosh Dastidar ancestors.

From Barisal City it should take an hour or two.

Then at the end of the dirt road the entire village is in front of you, across the canal and to your right (i.e., west). Our visit was more than a decade ago although we have been to nearby areas dozens of time.

Try this link for a map

If you fly to Barisal airport, then it is even closer.

On the other hand, it is also possible to drive from Benapole border and rent a car, but you'll have to come to a town for a hotel.

Good luck,

Dr. Sachi G. Dastidar (Sabyasachi Ghosh Dastidar), New York

rishab bose said...

Hi Sanjeev, it's a pity I never got a notitifnotifofnyourbreply, seeing that it came 7 years ago! Is there anyway we can connect? Please let me know.

sourya said...

There were 5 kayastha families lived in the village gabha i.e. ghosh-dastidar of soukalin gotra, another ghosh family of soukalin gotra, roy family of soukalin gotra(they are basically ghosh roy chowdhury of idilpur but migrated to gabha later on), basu of goutam gotra and guha of kashyap gotra.... which family was the most respected kulin-thakur among them ?

Ajoy S Ghosh said...

Hi Sourya
I believe you are right. As far as I know the Ghosh Roy Chowdhury of Idilpur of Soukalin Gotra are not the Ghosh-Dastidar. Even though they are also of same Goutra. I do have 7 generations family tree of Ghosh Roy Chowdhury of Idilpur family, with me. I am the 7 generation in that family tree. If anyone interested to find out more can catch me 61-433 413 933. I am based in Sydney, Australia but born in New Delhi, India.
Ajoy S Ghosh

España said...
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sourya said...
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sourya said...

We should concentrate on some important kayastha families in east bengal like ghosh-dastidar of gabha , GHOSH of kashipur(barishal), GHOSH-ROY of narattampur, GUHA-THAKURTA of banaripara, GHOSH-ROY-CHOWDHURY of idilpur , BASU-ROY-CHOWDHURY of ulpur & bohor , GUHA-BISWAS of kachabalia-hanua, GUHA-NEOGY of myminsingh , Dutta of lata(barisal) , DUTTA of ichli(barisal) , SHOME of brajajogini-kumarbhog-hasara-aksa of bikrampur , NAG of barodi(dhaka) and karapur(barisal) , SINHA(sandilya gotra) of uzirpur(barisal) ,BISWAS of jalabari , SARKAR of iluhar-baisari( they are most probably aich of chandrayan gotra), CHOWDHURI of uzirpur (they are originaly rajput and merged with kayastha later on ) .GUHA-CHOWDHURY of ramchandrapur(barisal), BASU-MAZUMDAR of chadsi(barisal),DAS(kashyap gotra) of chadsi . GUHA-BAKSHI of sidhakati(barisal), MAZUMDAR(they are actually bharadwaj gotra dev) of birtara,paikpara of bikrampur ,ROY(gritokoushik gotra , they are the descendants of chand roy-kedar roy)of debhog , SUR(batsya gotra) of noakhali ,DUTTAs(agnibatsya gotra) of kushangal-amrajuri of barisal , GUHAs of erikathi,mulgaon,kulkuri,dhankathi,tangra, kanaikati,bintia of idilpur(faridpur), GUHA-ROY of singadhya(idilpur) , GHOSH-ROY-CHOWDHURYs of bejnisar,tangra,bintia,dhipur,erikathi etc. in idilpur . BASUs of patti,dhipur of idilpur .PAL(gotra yet to be confirmed) of naikati(barisal), BALL(goutam gotra) of paikpara,birtara of bikrampur, ROY(they are kashyap RAHA) of itna( jessore) , KAR of bijhari , RAKSHIT(bharadwaj gotra) of ati( keranigunge). Keep always in mind that all above-mentioned GHOSHes belong to only soukalin gotra according to the formulas of gotra .

sourya said...

All kayastha ghoshes are soukalin , basu/bose are goutam , guhas are kashyap , mitras are biswamitra ------this is one of the formulas of gotra to identify the kayastha families. We have to remember this because nowadays many non-kayastha ghosh/guha/dutta/mitra/nag/sen/sinha etc. are desparately claiming kayastha status hiding their caste . Similarly , NAG has only 2 gotras i e. soupayan & soukalin . Gotra is the most important tool to identify one's caste .

Unknown said...

Hello All,
I am Sajal Roychowdhury from the SenGupta Roychowdhury family. My grandfather was Subodh Kumar Roychowdhury and grandmother was Amiya Roychowdhury. We were from Gaila, Barisal district. They had a Manasha Temple near the lake of the estate. Left to Kolkata during partition. Can anyone help me find out the lineage of the Roychowdhury's?

Contact at

Unknown said...

I am Tanusree Ghosh dastidar my father's name is Mr shibabrata Ghosh dastidar and my grand father's name is Late Amrendra Nath ghosh dastidar

Rahul said...

Hello. I am Rahul Ghosh from Mumbai, my grandmother and her seven brothers were from the Ghosh Dastidar family.
I have a request to make. Would it be possible to share a higher resolution image of the Family Tree that you have already made?
Thanks in advance.
Rahul Ghosh

Empire's Last Casualty said...

Thanks. Will try, but can't promise when.
Incidentally, I have posted that in the following posts as well: and
Moreover, there is a book on the family published in early 1940s as well.
Sachi (Sabyasachi) Ghosh Dastidar
New York

ClippingPathEye said...

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Ronie said...

I belong to Ghosh family, Grandfather Late Shri. Khagendranath Ghosh S/O Binod Bihari Ghosh
Gotra: Soukaleen ...any links ?

Empire's Last Casualty said...

I would think all the Ghosh Dastidars and a large number of Ghoshes belong to the same gotra. Dastidar was added to Ghosh about 500 years back to one branch. The title or upadhi was given by a non-native Muslim king of Bengal whom, I surmise, helped by by Ghoshes. The word has Persian origin. Best, Sabyasachi Ghosh Dastidar

Unknown said...

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