Friday, May 2, 2014

Police forbids Mass Memorial in 2013 for Hindus killed in 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh

Note:               During Bangladesh’s independence struggle from Pakistan in 1971 the Army of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and her Bengali Islamist killer allies – al-Badr, al-Shams and other groups – declared war on the entire minority Hindu population – a quarter of the population – along with the secular Muslims and the pro-independence Awami League Party activists. (Incidentally in 1971, Bangladesh, then known as East Pakistan, was the majority population of Pakistan. Awami League Party was had majority seats in the Pakistani Parliament, but was prevented by the Army to form Government.) Overwhelming majority of innocent 3 million civilians killed was the Hindu minority. Since that 1971 independence of Bangladesh no Memorial Service, otherwise known in Bengali as Sraddho, was held for the lost lives. According Hindu tradition food and water is to be offered to the departed soul so that they may be reborn in this earth.

After 42 years of delay a group of Bangladeshis – some as far away as the Unites States – decided to offer their respect by holding GonoSraddho or Mass Memorial at home. Some individuals journeyed from overseas to take part in the solemn event.

But that was no to be.

Here is a report from one of the Bangladeshi English papers:

Daily Star, Dhaka

Published: Thursday, October 3, 2013

Star Online Report

An initiative to stage a mass funeral for the Hindu ‘martyrs’ of the liberation war did not get police clearance, claimed organisers.
“We wanted to hold a ganasraddha to honour the Hindu martyrs of the liberation war, but the police forbid it,” one organizer Dayamay Biswas told The Daily Star.
However he claimed that he does not know why they were not given permission.
They received the call from the police day before yesterday (Thursday). However Assistant Commissioner of Ramna Zone, who made the call, declined to give them a written statement of refusal.
When The Daily Star contacted AC (Ramna) Shibli Noman, he claimed that the organisers hosted internal political tensions, and thus they feared possible chaos at the gathering


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