Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bangladesh Anti-Hindu Pogrom: 1990

Remains of a family home in southeastern Bangladesh

From December of 1990 through January of 1991 there was a large-scale anti-Hindu pogrom in Bangladesh. These are just a few examples.

(Several videos were made during the pogrom and books published documenting the anti-Hindu pogrom.)

(1905 picture of Dhakeswari Mandir -- temple of Goddess of Dhaka

14th Century Dhakeswari Mandir temple was completely gutted, nut-mandir, puja pandal marquee, six Shiva temples were destroyed and/or torched and the old deity of the Goddess was desecrated, never to be found.

Aboy Ashram (of non-violence) in Comilla in eastern Bangladesh, before torching

Deity of Mother Godess Durga Destroyed (pre-pogrom weeks, during a relatively tolerant time)

Remains of Aunt Mashi's home

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