Monday, February 25, 2008

LakhsmanKathi, Barisal, Bangladesh

LakhsmanKathi Village Path

15th Century Sri Bishnu (Vishnu) Temple; Restored 1987

Sri Bishnu Deity

"Welcome: Model Self-Sufficient Village"

The Granite Statue of Lord Bishnu (Vishnu)

Path to the Old School Established by Ghosh-Dastidar Family

Mahilara College with Founder (near Lakhsmankathi)

Old Ghosh-Dastidar Home Courtyard, before they fled to India

Family Pond of Ghosh-Dastidar Family

Remains of Old Sri Bishnu (Vishnu) Hindu Temple; 1982

LakhsmanKathi Villager's Welcome; 1982

Home of Bibhuti Bhusan & Nihar Kana Ghosh-Dastidar since 1580's,

Taken Over by a Muslim Family after an anti-Hindu Pogrom

Home of Ghosh-Dastidar Extended Family

Mrs. Pratima (Ghosh-Dastidar) Roy Chowdhury at the Pond (2008) almost

Drowned as a Toddler 60 Years Back

Ancestral Home of a Branch of Ghosh Dastidar Family @ 1500s

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